Ubisoft Greenlit Daft Punk Lumines but the Duo Didn’t Have Time to Create New Music for the Game

Many people are currently mourning the news that renowned DJ duo Daft Punk are calling it a day after 28 years of making music. Amongst the memories people are sharing was the revelation that we nearly got Daft Punk Lumines. Limited Run’s James Mielke shared on Twitter that he pitched the game to Ubisoft and they greenlit the project, but due to schedule conflicts, Daft Punk couldn’t find the time to make it work. That project then became the game we now know as Lumines Electronic Symphony.

Daft Punk liked the idea of the project, but weren’t keen on using their older existing music for the game. They wanted to write new music, but because the duo was working on the Tron Legacy soundtrack then, they couldn’t find the time to write a new score. Mielke added “the game would have been positioned from within their pyramid-shaped DJ booth and the better your chain combos the wilder the crowd would react”. As such, the world never got to enjoy Daft Punk Lumines, although one of the last things the duo did before their retirement was to re-release the Tron: Legacy Complete Edition soundtrack on Spotify and Apple Music that includes nine additional songs, so it’s not all bad news.

While we’re not sure exactly of when this took place, the soundtrack was originally released in 2010 alongside the film. Not all was lost with the game idea either as it was later turned into Lumines Electronic Symphony, which released on PlayStation Vita in 2012. The game included tracks from artists like Aphex Twin, Mark Ronson, and The Chemical Brothers, but Daft Punk was nowhere to be seen. PlayStation players weren’t completely deprived of playing along to Daft Punk, though, as the duo did lend their tracks to Activision’s DJ Hero series, a follow-up to Guitar Hero that gave players a plastic turntable controller. Their music also made brief appearances in Dance Paradise on Xbox 360 and Tap Tap Revenge 4 on iOS too.

[Source: Twitter]