wanderer psvr

Change History as a Time Traveler in Wanderer, Headed to PS VR in Q3 2021

Developers M Theory and Oddboy have announced Wanderer, a time travel adventure game for the PlayStation VR, Oculus VR, and Steam VR.

Players will step into the shoes of Asher Newman, who’s been given the unique task of traveling back in time and changing the course of history. With the fate of humanity lying in his hands, Asher embarks on an unusual journey set in an alternate, apocalyptic timeline. His adventure begins inside his grandfather’s apartment, which is full of hidden, mysterious artefacts.

Wanderer features escape room style puzzles and “hands-on” action sequences. An official overview of the title is as follows:

With the discovery of an unusual wristwatch, you forge a friendship and unlock the power to traverse time and space. Take a step back into history to experience beautifully detailed worlds that come to life with realistic and innovative physics-based interactions.

Uncover traitors in the dying days of an arms race as you crack codes during WW2. Prepare intricate machinery alongside frenzied inventor Nikola Tesla as you help prepare his world power machine. Take the stage in 1969 and give the performance of a lifetime to unite a generation. Defend a king and civilization from what seems to be an inevitable downfall in the 1500s. Accompanied by a cinematic score, Wanderer captures and intricately weaves the sounds of these environments with the story as it unfolds.

Wanderer is expected to release in Q3 2021. M Theory and Oddboy have yet to confirm a PS VR 2 version. Check out a teaser below.