Knockout City hands-on preview

Knockout City’s 10-Day Trial Is Over, but You Can Still Play for Free up to Level 25

The 10-day free trial period for multiplayer dodgeball brawler, Knockout City, has come to an end. However, Velan Studios and Electronic Arts have replaced the trial period with a free demo that allows players to level up to street rank 25, following which they can carry their progress over to the full game should they wish to fork out the $19.99 required to purchase it.

Make sure to check our in-depth review for more on Knockout City. PlayStation LifeStyle’s Chandler Wood lauded the game for its unique concept and polished mechanics but noted that there’s still room for improvement, which won’t be a problem with ongoing support and updates.

For the uninitiated, here’s an official overview of the title:

Whether it’s three-versus-three, four-versus-four, or free-for-all quick matches in Street Play, competitively ranked games in League Play or a hosted experience in a Private Match, the fight to take down rival Crews takes many forms. In Knockout City, players start every match on a level playing field and need to rely on skill to dominate the competition. A solid Crew is also the difference between dishing out punishment and taking it. The game is easy to pick up and play, but practice is key to mastering positioning, timing and teamwork for dodgeBRAWL dominance.

Knockout City features cross-play across all platforms.