Leak Shows CDPR Made Comedy Videos With Cyberpunk 2077 Bugs Prior to Launch

Image credit: @RonnySchmatzler (Twitter)

WARNING: Videos contain NSFW content

Thanks to leaks stemming from the recent CD Projekt RED ransomware attack, it has emerged that Cyberpunk 2077 developers knew just how bad the game’s bugs were prior to launch.

Such was the state of things that the team created comedy montage videos mocking the bugs. They even titled one of the videos “ElBuggado 2020.” Those videos have since been published on Reddit and 4Chan, one of which can be viewed below (again – NSFW):

The videos are being actively removed and replaced so head over to the source link for the rest of them.

This doesn’t bode well for a studio that falsely reassured fans that Cyberpunk 2077 runs well on all platforms and continued to release misleading and bizarre statements post launch. In fact, this leak can spell doom for CD Projekt RED in court, where it has a lawsuit pending over Cyberpunk 2077‘s false advertisement and developer statements.

To be fair to CD Projekt RED, no game is without bugs and it’s possible that the studio originally intended to release the videos for fun. However, considering the poor state in which Cyberpunk 2077 released, the humor is certainly lost.

As the videos made rounds over the weekend and people criticized the studio, at least two Cyberpunk 2077 developers took to Twitter to defend the team.

“Bugs? In a video game? Well I never!” wrote game designer Pawel Kapala. “The video is a fun composition of bug materials collected by QA and developers through years of development,” added producer Slava Lukyanenka in a now-deleted tweet.

As many have pointed out, Cyberpunk 2077‘s bugs aren’t as much of an issue as the fact that the game’s developers knew how bad things were but continued to mislead the public anyway.

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