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Salt and Sacrifice Is Coming to PS4 and PS5 in 2022 and Will Feature Online Multiplayer

Salt and Sacrifice, the sequel to the RPG platformer Salt and Sanctuary, will launch for the PS4 and PS5 in 2022. Developer Ska Studios announced the game at the Summer Game Fest Kickoff event as part of Sony’s indie game showcase. Additionally, the game will have new features such as local and online co-op, which will allow players to complete the game alongside friends as well as summon players for help.

In an interview on PlayStation Blog, creator James Silva also talked about Salt and Sacrifice‘s development, and how the game came into shape both during and after the release of Salt and Sanctuary in 2016. According to Silva, the game will explore a “new era and region” in the same universe as Salt and Sanctuary. The main antagonists of the game will be Mages, who wreak havoc using magic and summoning minions. The player will control a Marked Inquisitor: a criminal freed on the condition that they must fight against the mages for the rest of their lives.

Silva states that many fans praised Salt and Sanctuary, many also felt that the game was lacking an online co-op mode. Silva states that this is what eventually led to the development of Salt and Sacrifice.

To do so, Silva enlisted the help of a friend Shane Lynch, who had experience in network programming. “Because Shane and I are building Salt and Sacrifice from the ground up as a multiplayer game,” Silva states, “co-op is much more intentional than it was in Sanctuary. There is a ‘full’ co-op mode, playable online and locally, in which you and an ally can progress through the entire campaign together.”

The dev duo is also implementing a summoning mechanic, drawing inspiration from the Dark Souls franchise — a series in which Salt and Sacrifice share many similarities. And like the Souls series, those who are summoned may help the host explore the various areas in the game, or make a bee-line straight into the area’s boss battle.

You can check out the full Salt and Sacrifice announcement trailer below:

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