Verdun Tannenberg Free Weekend

Verdun and Tannenberg Get Free Weekend in Celebration of PS5 Release, Free Upgrade for PS4 Players

M2H and Blackmill Games’ World War I shooters Verdun and Tannenberg were released on PS5 earlier this week. To celebrate the launch, both games have gotten a free weekend on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 where players can try out all aspects of the game until June 20.

Verdun was the first game from developer Blackmill Games and threw players into the middle of trench warfare on the Western Front. Tannenberg then focused on the conflict between Russia and Germany across larger battlefields on the Eastern Front. Between the two titles, there are now ten nations players can represent on the battlefield, including Germany, France, Britain, Russia, Romania, and Belgium. Each nation’s squad has a different choice of loadouts, so choosing to play as a US Doughboy will be different to a Senegalese Tirailleur.

All of the games’ modes and content will be available without restriction throughout the free play weekend that’s running between now and June 20. Shortly after the weekend ends, both games are due to go on sale with a 60% discount for those who want to continue playing.

Both games were released this week on PlayStation 5, offering more detailed and higher resolution graphics at 60fps default; anti-aliasing; better shadows, textures, and other visual effects; and an unlocked 120 Hz mode. Those who own the PlayStation 4 versions of the games will be able to claim a free upgrade to the PS5 version. Unfortunately the free upgrade does not apply in Japan for “legal reasons”, but players there can upgrade to the new-gen version of the game for the measly “symbolic” price of 100 Yen.

The two games will soon be joined by a third title in the franchise: Isonzo. This title heads to Italy where players will have to contend with the rivers, ruined towns and steep mountains of the Alps. The upcoming title will introduce a brand new historically accurate game mode that focuses on the more tactical aspects of Alpine warfare, such as “World War I weaponry, poisonous gas attacks, and intense artillery barrages”. The game is due to be released later this year on PS4 and PS5.

[Source: M2H]