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BLUE BOX Plans to Release Its Fatal Frame-Inspired ‘The Haunting’ for Free Ahead of Abandoned

BLUE BOX Game Studios’ Hasan Kahraman has reiterated once again that he’s far from a “scammer,” and the allegations that are being made based on the developer’s curious history are understandable, but hurtful.

In an interview with IGN, Kahraman explained that BLUE BOX’s past projects were mostly part-time side projects that were being worked on by a few people, and their failure to launch was down to a lack of experience among other things. Now, BLUE BOX is firing on all cylinders and preparing to release a full-fledged game with Abandoned. But before that happens, Kahraman plans to release Fatal Frame-inspired The Haunting: Blood Water Curse for free on the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Those who bought The Haunting‘s Early Access version will be offered Abandoned for free.

“I started working on The Haunting and I think most of the components that I used are still being used, but it’s just that the concept has been changed from the ground up,” Kahraman told IGN. “The Haunting was like our Western version of Fatal Frame, with the camera, and shooting and stuff. That’s basically what it is. It has some puzzles. We use some old school style exploration from horror games like Fatal Frame 1 and 2. The screenshots you see on Steam right now, that was a concept that we were working on, but it’s not that game.”

Kahraman insists that BLUE BOX never intended for things to go south, and admitted that the studio would have benefitted from marketing and PR experience.

[Source: IGN]