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Team-Based Action Game ‘Spine’ Promises ‘Adrenaline-Filled’ Fights, Headed to PS5

Developer Banzai Games and publisher Nekki have announced a new team-based action game, Spine, for the PlayStation 5 among other platforms.

Spine promises “adrenaline-filled” fights with a range of heroes available to players. With something called “Spine technology,” players will be able to boost their characters, take on enemies, and decide the fate of a dystopian world.

Check out a trailer below.

Key features include:

  • There You Are, Our Action Hero! – Make yourself comfortable as we have prepared a collection of unique characters capable of using Spine technology. Fight for freedom or become a warden of the almighty system – you are the one to decide what’s this world gonna become.
  • Camera, Action, Shoot! – Every fight in Spine is a combination of breathtaking scenes where you become a hero beating up some bad guys. Feel the tension of each in-game moment thanks to the unique camera-work. We have exceptional cinematographic experience you’ll find nowhere else in the multiplayer games.
  • Cold Steel, Hot Guns – Find out what the real gun-fu is! Switch between cold weapons and firearms in close and long range combat. Shoot with two hands while jumping, block bullets with katanas, and do wall-runs. Even in the mayhem of battle, Spine will show the precision and grace of your actions in the best way possible.
  • Brave? New? World? – Have you read the news about an AI that has transformed a city into the heaven on Earth? Or you’d rather listen to the whispers of the opposition? Join the fights in the city streets and pick a side in the global conflict of two powerful factions. The arenas you’ll meet your enemies on are inspired by iconic action movies. Share the fates, stories, and the combat styles of the heroes. And their life paths, of course.
  • Player-versus-Player – Ready to prove others your Gun-fu is the coolest? Use the best combat techniques to defeat real players. And don’t worry, friends got you covered! Together you will be victorious.

A release window has yet to be announced.