War Hospital PS5

War Hospital Brings the Traumas of a WWI British Field Hospital to PS5 Next Year

Brave Lamb Studio has teamed up with Nacon to bring War Hospital to PlayStation 5 consoles next year. The “strategy and survival” game tasks players with managing a British Field Hospital during the later years of World War I as they deal with traumatic injuries, a low budget, and a location worryingly close to the action.

The year is 1917 and Major Henry Wells is a retired British doctor sent back to a field hospital on the French Front to treat the wounded. There’s not enough money, a lack of equipment and staff, and conditions that are less-than-ideal for healthcare. Wells must manage emergencies as they come in, keep up morale and try to improve the running of the hospital despite the circumstances. He must also make moral decisions about the “soldiers, the situation at the front and the battles” that may even inspire periods of ceasefire.

The game was developed in collaboration with the British Imperial War Museums to be as historically accurate as possible and show “a different face of war in video games.” This means players will be dealing with authentic World War I equipment, although research can evolve and develop new methods. Gameplay is a combination of real-time strategy, survival, and RPG, and you can get the briefest of glimpses in War Hospital’s pre-alpha teaser trailer.

Nacon’s Publishing Director Benoît Clerc said:

Nacon is especially proud and honoured to have been selected by Brave Lambs to work together on the success of War Hospital, a unique game in the genre, once again demonstrating, on the heels of titles such as This War of Mine and Soldats Inconnus that our media can deal with subjects that are complex and serious while keeping their identity.

War Hospital will be coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox, and PC at some point in 2022.

[Source: Nacon]