Project Eve Gameplay Trailer

PlayStation Showcase: Stylish Action-Adventure Game Project EVE Looks Like a Cross Between Bayonetta and NieR

Project EVE, a stylish action-adventure game currently in development under Korean game studio Shift Up, has received its first official gameplay trailer during yesterday’s PlayStation Showcase showing off its main protagonist as well as the various grotesque monsters she will encounter. Though the trailer initially starts off in a space station drifting in the Earth’s orbit, much of the game looks to be based in a post-apocalyptic city infested with strange creatures—some of which are inspired by Christian mythology.

In fact, Project EVE’s story seems to be highly referential to early Christian lore, the most obvious being the gargantuan thousand-eyed creature that attacks the space station at the beginning of the video that resembles depictions of angels in the old testament. Additionally, the game’s protagonist Eve narrates to “our Mother in heaven” how humanity was unable to defend the Earth from invaders known as NA:tives.

The gameplay is gorgeous, to say the least. Even back in 2020 when the studio initially revealed early prototype gameplay, both the character models and visual effects looked highly detailed and stunning. Similar to other games in the genre like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry, players will utilized parrying, evading, and combo attacks. Additionally, the game will have players defeat enemies through stylish takedowns and quick-time events. Towards the end, you can also see a segment where Eve slides through an industrial tunnel while avoiding obstacles and slashing monsters.

Players can also use their environments to their advantage by damaging gas barrels to blow up enemies. As an adventure game, Eve can also scale walls, slide, and swing on ropes in order to traverse the city’s dangerous terrain. Furthermore, Shift Up notes that Project EVE will also take advantage of the PS5’s hardware as well as special features such as haptic feedback.

You can check out the Project EVE official trailer below:

Project EVE doesn’t yet have a release date.

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