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The Game Awards Will Have ‘4-5 Things’ of the Same Level as Elden Ring’s Gameplay Reveal at Summer Game Fest

The Game Awards creator and host Geoff Keighley has revealed that 2021’s event, which takes place on December 9th, will feature “four or five things” of the same level as Elden Ring‘s gameplay reveal at the Summer Game Fest this year.

Speaking to USA Today, Keighley said that it was an honor to work with FromSoftware, and teased that “there may be more coming” from the studio on Thursday.

“Every show got questions about it, and even last year’s Game Awards, people really wanted something,” Keighley said of Elden Ring‘s gameplay reveal. “This year? Oh, God, there are probably four or five things of that level. The fact that FromSoftware bet on me and Summer Game Fest where they could have done more traditional E3 stuff, that meant a lot to me. It was a huge honor to work with the From guys, so stay tuned, there may be more coming.”

What’s more is that Keighley claims there are “probably six or ten” video games that’ll be shown at TGA 2021 that people don’t even know exist.

“We’re going to reveal them at the show in a fun way,” he continued. “We’ll see how it all plays out, but I feel pretty good. It’s a very diverse lineup from a lot of studios across the industry. It really did come together this year.”

We’ll be hosting TGA 2021 livestream at PlayStation LifeStyle so don’t forget to tune in.

[Source: USA Today]