DualSense 3rd Party

There’s a Nifty App That Lets You Test DualSense’s Trigger Effects

If you ever wanted to test all of the DualSense‘s trigger effects without the need to boot up a video game, there’s an app available for the iPhone and iPad that allows you to do just that.

Spotted by folks over at IGN, the ‘PS5 Controller Trigger Test’ app designed by one 20-year-old Rihab Mehboob allows users to “mess around” with the triggers to experience the full extent of all its effects. For instance, you can adjust amplitude and frequency of the vibration, and the resistive strength/feedback you receive when using weapons in a game.

“I’ve always wanted to test and mess around with the different Dualsense trigger effects,” Mehboob told IGN. “[B]ut not many games use it, and when they do, it’s not customizable.”

The app is also very easy to use. All you have to do is connect your DualSense to your mobile device and you’re good to go! The only caveat is that it will cost you $1.99 but it’s certainly worth it. Here’s what you can expect for your buck:

  • Simple and beautiful user interface

  • Test all types of effects, with all possible values

  • Change each trigger separately

  • Change the controller’s light and monitor the battery

  • Small haptic feedback when interacting, improving the overall experience

  • Voice-over support

  • 3D Touch

Pretty sweet, eh?

Mehboob is actively looking for feedback and suggestions, and happy to answer any questions over on Twitter so make sure to give him a shout.

[Source: IGN]