PS5 Restock January 19

The PSLS PS5 Restock Update for January 19, 2022

It’s Wednesday, which has proven a bountiful day for PS5 restocks in the past, and so hopefully that tradition continues. There’s already a way for hopeful US and UK customers to register their interest in buying a PS5 direct from Sony, as detailed in yesterday’s update, and now retailers appear to be preparing for new drops this week. Get all the info in this PSLS PS5 Restock Update for January 19, 2022.

Which US stores have PS5 stock for today, January 19?

PS5 Restock January 19

US PS5 Console Restock Update

For today, January 19, 2022, the best place to buy a PS5 in the US is BJs. There’s currently a bundle available that includes the PS5 disc version, an extra wireless controller, and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart for $639.99. Purchase it here. Note: This product is only available to members, so you’ll need to sign up or sign in first.

In case you missed it yesterday, PSN members in the US, UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg can register here to show their interest in buying a PS5 directly from Make sure you have notifications on for your PSN account, as that will be a message that you won’t want to miss!

Ebay is also another option. While there are hundreds of listings from greedy folks charging ridiculous amounts for the next-gen Sony console, some better deals can be found. Sort by “Buy It Now” and “Newly Listed” to find the best deals. It’s also worth using a price limit to stop any scalper listings from showing up.

GameStop may also be having an online drop this week. Reputable tracker @PS5restocks_etc reports that GameStop tweeted about PS5s on Monday. However, that tweet has since been deleted.

  • Target – Drop occurred on January 6
  • Walmart – Restock occurred online on January 13
  • Amazon – Restock not yet announced
  • Best Buy – Surprise drop occurred on January 5
  • GameStop – Restock at stores on January 14
  • BJs – Bundle available to members now.
  • PS Direct – PSN users can register for a chance to buy.

US PS5 Accessories Restock Update

While PS5 consoles are still tough to track down, accessories for the next-gen systems are much more common. You can find our top picks for PS5 peripherals that are in stock now.

Which UK stores have PS5 stock for today, January 19?

PS5 Restock January 19

For those in the UK, both GAME and Amazon have had surprise drops today. As usual, the standalone consoles were the first to sell out, with the bundles selling out shortly after. Unfortunately, there was no prior warning to these drops, so they were sold out within minutes. Congratulations to those who snagged them!

For those who didn’t manage to nab a new system, UK PSN members can register their interest to buy a PS5 directly from the PlayStation website here.

@PS5StockAlertUK claims that a big drop is coming from Argos soon. The retailer is the one to watch in the coming weeks, as stock is expected between January 25-28. We’ll provide an update as we learn more.

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