WWE 2K22 Legends Roster

WWE 2K22 Legends Roster Includes Macho Man, Booker T, and Chyna

2K Games has revealed the legends roster for WWE 2K22, which will include popular wrestlers from the past such as “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Chyna. The latest title in the wrestling franchise will release on March 11, 2022, for the PS4 and PS5 as well as Xbox consoles. The company also uploaded a new trailer that shows off a few of the included Legends fighters.

Who are the Legends in WWE 2K22?

Legends characters are typically reserved for prominent figures in the wrestling industry that have become widely known over their careers. In WWE 2k22, confirmed Legends include “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Chyna, Booker T, and the Big Boss Man. All four legends also appeared in the series’ previous title, WWE 2K20.

While it’s unclear whether the Legends characters are available in the base game or are Deluxe Edition exclusives, the Season Pass does include DLC packs featuring other Legends characters. Furthermore, other prominent wrestling figures like Hulk Hogan are also included in the special nWo 4-Life Edition. All pre-orders of the game will also come with three costumes for The Undertaker. And it goes without saying that players will have access to many other characters that are currently active in the wrestling scene.

You can check out the official WWE 2K22 Legends roster trailer below:

WWE 2K22 leaked earlier this year after a data miner found evidence of the title through official channels. 2K initially delayed the game in order to update the roster, after several members left the WWE. This resulted in a significantly strained relationship between publisher 2K and the WWE, following the commercial failure of WWE 2k20 and the cancellation of WWE 2K21.

In other news, The Wolf Among Us 2 is getting a behind-the-scenes showcase stream later this week. Haven Studios is also currently working on a new PS5-exclusive IP, which was reportedly one project out of a total of three pitched to Sony.