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Keiichiro Toyama Would Like to Make Another Horror Game Like Silent Hill

Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama has said that he would like to make a psychological horror game in the vein of Silent Hill again some day. Toyama now runs his own development company, Bokeh Game Studio, where he’s making action adventure game Slitterhead with other former Silent Hill, Siren, and Gravity Rush developers. He made his remarks during a video interview published by Bokeh.

What Toyama had to say about a new Silent Hill type game

“I want someday to do something with some classic psychological horror themes like I did with Silent Hill,” Toyama said. “However, I’d rather do that when working with really limited resources, such as budget or having to focus on one individual. Right now, we have staff with the ability to work on action.” He added that he wants to utilize his staff’s skills to go in a different direction but desires to make something “more personal” someday.

Toyama revealed that, in a way, Slitterhead is a compilation of his past experiences including Silent Hill. But since it’s an action game, it takes more notes from Gravity Rush than any other franchise that he’s worked on. When asked if Slitterhead will have some kind of experimental downloadable content like Gravity Rush, the team at Bokeh didn’t confirm or deny anything and said that it’s focusing on the main game first.

Opinion: We’ll probably never see another Silent Hill

Zarmena writes… I think it’s time to accept that Silent Hill is gone and Konami has no intention of doing anything with the franchise other than pachinko machines. Just yesterday, a ResetEra user discovered that the publisher seems to have let go of the Silent Hill domain, which now displays a tweet by artist Masahiro Ito, regretting designing Pyramid Head. Go figure…

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