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GhostWire: Tokyo Preview (PS5): ‘Creepy as Hell Enemies and Engaging Combat’

GhostWire: Tokyo is just mere weeks away from getting into the hands of gamers everywhere and we recently got a chance to sit down to play the first two chapters of the game. Only time will tell if this will be the next big hit of 2022, but early returns are good.

Time to kick some ghost!

ghostwire tokyo preview ps5

GhostWire drops players into Tokyo as a fog spreads through the city, killing all those it touches. A rogue spirit called KK hunts down anyone he can find to possess, landing into the body of the game’s lead Akito. Now it is up to both of them to figure out who is causing the disappearances and how can they stop them. Through the first two chapters, the story is extremely well done, with top-notch voice work and dialogue to match a really interesting story and a great setting. What really works well is that the story is told in a very direct manner, which never feels like it overloads you with too much information upfront, instead allowing you to jump right into the action rather quickly.

Speaking of the action, this is another area where the game really shines early on. As you explore Tokyo you will run across many demons loitering around that you can either sneak past or deal with. These range from headless school girls to umbrella-wielding baddies. Combat is done in the first-person viewpoint, with Akito using wind powers to damage enemies, exposing their core, which can be extracted to help you gain life. The combat can get really intense as each enemy has a very distinctive attack pattern and on the sometimes tight streets of Tokyo, this can make combat difficult but enjoyable.

There were a few parts where the first person view cause some annoying moments as I backed away from oncoming enemies only to stumble into something I couldn’t see behind me. This was a minor thing as I was able to sidestep and get to a good spot to attack again, but a speed bump still. If you run out of energy to use your spells, you can also equip a bow to attack with and also Talismans, which have powers such as shocking those who step onto them.

Exploring Tokyo

If you aren’t feeling like taking anyone on right at that moment, the game does provide you with other avenues for fun. You can find roaming spirits who have missions for you to handle, such as finding a loved one or retrieving something so they can pass on. You can also find dogs and cats around the city who if fed, will lead you to some much-needed coin. Speaking of coin, there are also stores around the city inhabited by Nekomata’s where you can buy different foods for the animals around the city, healing items for yourself, or also quests to take on from them.

Everything in the game can be done at your own pace, as you can either progress the story quickly or take your time, roaming the city and cleansing shrines to unlock even more areas to explore. In these areas you can also find various items to collect and places to pray at, giving you plenty to do around the city to pass the time. You will also find spirits to absorb and send out of this hell hole, gaining you experience that you can then use to upgrade you spells, arrows, and more. You can also find and buy new outfit items for your character, which he shows off during cut scenes.

I am only two chapters in so far but really loving everything GhostWire: Tokyo is throwing my way. From the characters and setting to the creepy as hell enemies and engaging combat, there really is a lot to love in the package so far. I can’t wait to dive more into the game for our final review.