Ubisoft Pathfinder Rumor

Ubisoft Reportedly Developing New Battle Royale Game Called Pathfinder

Ubisoft is developing a new battle royale third-person shooter game called Pathfinder according to the latest rumor. The game will feature teams of four taking on each other and AI across the map before facing a final AI boss in the center.

What do we know about Pathfinder?

Hyper Scape

Pathfinder is a Battle Royale game at heart, although it features a unique twist. Teams of four Heroes drop into the map and have to navigate their way towards its center. The center is blocked by an outer wall and an inner wall, each of which has breachable gates. However, each game will be different because the gates that can be breached and those that will remain locked will differ with each match.

Not only will players be facing other teams, but there are also AI enemies that will be trying to stop them. These increase in difficulty the closer players get to the center of the map and the main AI boss that must be defeated to be victorious. Each Hero will have unique abilities and any XP gained from defeating the AI enemies can be used to level up. In between matches, a central hub will feature a firing range, event area, vehicle races, shop, and other areas that will provide a more social experience.

Pathfinder is already being suggested to be a replacement for Hyper Scape, Ubisoft’s ill-fated battle royale game that struggled to find a decent player base. Artwork seen by exputer shows “a similar graphical design” to Hyperscape, although it’s “a little more cartoony in nature”. Ubisoft will be hoping Pathfinder fares far better than Hyperscape, whose final Season 3 update appeared a mere eight months after the game’s release. Support officially ended after 17 months and the servers will be closed at the end of April. As usual, though, take this rumor about Pathfinder with a pinch of salt until Ubisoft makes an official statement.

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