The Last of Us 2 Cut Content

The Last of Us 2 Datamine Reveals Playable Jackson Dance Scene and Cut Boar Hunt

A The Last of Us: Part 2 datamine has uncovered some cut content from the game. One of these is a model of Ellie from a scene involving a boar hunt that was previously discussed on Troy Baker’s podcast, Relater, by game director Neil Druckmann. The other is a rough draft of Jackson that points to some significant changes to that part of the game during development.

Dataminer uncovers The Last of Us 2 cut content

The cut content for The Last of Us 2 was found by YouTuber Specilizer, who specializes in The Last of Us-related videos. The first bit is a model of Ellie that would have been used during the farm sequence after she and Dina return from Seattle. Neil Druckmann stated this scene would have had Ellie relentlessly hunting a boar for food. Her PTSD would have manifested as a need to kill the animal, and when she finally does, she would have heard Joel in its dying squeals. Druckmann said this sequence was nearly completed and almost made it into the final version but was cut due to “pacing and production.”

Specilizer also uncovered an early version of Jackson which indicates that the devs wanted players to explore more of the town at that point in development. A cut building interior would have served as a shortcut to main street, and it appears that the dance sequence would have featured player interaction in some form. This area has been condensed in the final game, and the dance is presented in a cutscene only.

Since the devs didn’t thoroughly scrub the files, there’s a ton of unused content leftover in The Last of Us 2 that hasn’t been documented. We hope to see more discoveries soon.

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[Source: Gamesradar]