Duke Nukem Forever 2001 Early Build

Duke Nukem Forever Build From 2001 Leaks

Information, screenshots, and clips from an early build of Duke Nukem Forever circa 2001 have leaked. Development on the game took 15 years, and the final product was widely panned, effectively killing the franchise. However, fan reaction to the build shown at E3 2001 was very positive, which leaves us wondering what the game would have been like if 3D Realms had released that iteration.

Duke Nukem Forever leak answers questions fans have had for decades

The Duke Nukem Forever leak occurred on 4chan’s /v/ board, according to the enthusiast site Duke4. We didn’t get much hard info, but a smattering of videos and images responding to user requests easily verified that the leaker is in possession of a build of the game from around E3 2001.

Surprisingly, there’s a lot more material here than one would expect for a game that wouldn’t release for ten more years. The leaker says almost every chapter is present in some form and that a huge chunk is playable. All the content shown at E3 2001 is included, and all weapons are functional except for the chainsaw and the freeze gun.

That said, it’s far from complete. The UI is obviously a work in progress, and many of the levels are just blockouts with no enemies or content. As of now, we don’t know how functional the build is outside of the few videos and images we’ve seen. The group behind the leak says it’ll be releasing it in June, but this wouldn’t be the first time a Duke Nukem Forever build was dangled in front of people on 4Chan only to have the poster disappear. However, the leaker was pretty responsive to questions, so we may finally get a chance to see what may have been.

In other news, Babylon’s Fall player count has dropped into the single digits, and Resident Evil Re:Verse may finally be releasing soon.