Scavengers PS4 PS5 Canceled

Scavengers Canceled for PS5 and PS4 After Studio Is Sold to Behaviour Interactive

Free-to-play action shooter Scavengers was released in Early Access on Steam just under a year ago. The game was due to come to consoles at a later date but that will no longer be the case. Both the PS5 and PS4 versions of Scavengers were canceled after developer Midwinter Entertainment was sold off the Dead By Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive.

The future of Scavengers


Scavengers is still in Early Access on Steam and it seems like the game will never leave that stage of development. Now that the studio has been sold to Behaviour Interactive, only a small team will be available to maintain it and keep the servers operational. According to Eurogamer, the PS5 and PS4 versions of Scavengers have now been canceled. These versions were in closed alpha testing at the time. The main Midwinter Entertainment team will now be developing an unrelated project, although no details of this were revealed.

The free-to-play shooter was inspired by Halo 5’s Warzone mode and featured a mix of PvE and PvP gameplay. Teams of three players were thrown into a hostile frozen Earth where they had to battle each other to survive as well as the many inhuman dangers that already inhabited the environment. The game was supposed to be a showcase for Improbable’s SpatialOS engine that would supposedly allow thousands of players to join a single world. However, the game never really reached any semblance of popularity on Steam with a consistently low player base and mixed reviews.

In other news, Dying Light developer Techland is currently working on an unannounced AAA open-world action-RPG in a fantasy setting, although there are very few details aside from a single concept art image. Elsewhere, Bloober Team has refused to comment on the Silent Hill 2 rumors but is hoping to make an official announcement soon.