The Last of Us Remake Release Date

Rumor: The Last of Us Remake Arriving This Holiday Season

The Last of Us Remake release date window is rumored to be the 2022 holiday season, according to journalist and insider Jeff Grubb. On the latest Kinda Funny Gamescast titled “2023: Greatest Gaming Year Ever?”, he remains confident about Naughty Dog being able to release the game before The Last of Us HBO adaptation arrives next year, and has heard the same from his sources.

Why Grubb believes the remake will release this year

When the other hosts on the podcast were surprised at Grubb’s assertion of the rumor that The Last of Us Remake would be arriving late in 2022, he explained that Naughty Dog has had a lot of time on the project (quotes transcribed below):

The Last of Us Part 2 came out awhile ago, and there’s people at that studio that were looking around for something to do… [It’s] a pretty efficient like well-oiled machine over there at Naughty Dog. And they wouldn’t have to do too much, because that’s the whole point is that this is the kind of game they can update really quickly.

He then compared the swiftness of the remake’s release to Capcom’s fast turnaround for the Resident Evil remakes:

Think about how frequently those Resident Evil games are coming out now. I think it’s a very similar thing where that’s ‘We have the bones here, we can build on that.’ And so yeah, this holiday is what we keep hearing, and I’m pretty confident about that too.

As for why The Last of Us Remake would be available before the HBO show, Grubb believes that this was done on purpose. Not only would Naughty Dog have something on the shelves for the holiday season, but it would keep The Last of Us name in everyone’s mind in the leadup to the adaptation. Then, in turn, the show will boost sales of the remake.

In April, Grubb stated in his Grubbsnax show that the next Sony acquisition will actually be “bigger than Kojima Productions.”

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