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New Silent Hill Game’s Playable Concept Has Reportedly Leaked

Playable concept of the rumored new Silent Hill game (not to be confused with the rumored Silent Hill 2 remake) has reportedly leaked. Code named Sakura, screenshots of the demo seemingly corroborate a previous leak in which an entire batch of images from the yet-to-be-announced horror outing made rounds online, prompting Konami to issue copyright strikes. Now, apparently Sakura’s entire script has been leaked alongside other details.

New Silent Hill game is apparently headed to the PS5


Images shared on ResetEra show that Sakura will be available to download on the PS5. The leak is in Japanese but has been corroborated by insiders like Dusk Golem. Dusk Golem has warned that despite the script being in Japanese, fans should avoid the leaks as much as possible. Considering how the internet goes, it’ll be no time before translations are circulated online. The insider further added:

Currently what’s in the OP at the time of writing is just a miniscule version of stuff, just a small piece, there’s… more to this, but it’s been privately circulating this morning, and if it gets fully out, know it contains full story spoilers for Sakura, which I think sucks is getting out there. You’ll see stuff I shared before, then a bunch of early stuff I didn’t. It doesn’t include newer stuff thankfully, but this if it does fully get out there does include huge spoilers for this, in the text especially (even if in Japanese). I guess to see what those in possession decide to share publicly, but I’ll give that warning as I think many will prefer to experience it.

Well, yikes! Whoever’s working on these projects in collaboration with Konami sure is taking their time. Here’s hoping we see something in an official capacity soon.

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