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Deviation Games’ AAA PS5 Project Unaffected by Co-founder’s Departure

Deviation Games PS5 project, which is rumored to be a shooter, is apparently unaffected by the studio’s co-founder departing. Yesterday, Deviation Games announced that former Call of Duty veteran Jason Blundell has left the studio, which CEO Dave Anthony will continue to lead. The news caused some worry among fans but the developer reassured them that it has hired a number of new industry veterans and work on its “groundbreaking AAA original IP” is ongoing.

Deviation Games PS5 project has yet to be revealed

Deviation Games 2022 Plans

Deviation Games’ PS5 project has yet to be revealed. All the studio has announced so far is that it entered into a partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment, which job listings and reports have indicated will be a first-person shooter. It does seem fitting considering Deviation Games is led by Call of Duty talent. However, with Blundell leaving, people understandably became concerned. The good news is, it has hired another Call of Duty veteran alongside a former God of War developer.

Deviation Games’ statement reads:

We are excited to announce that Louis Castle has joined Deviation Games as senior vice president of development. A video game industry veteran with two Lifetime Achievement awards, Louis co-founded Westwood Studios, best known for creating the legendary Command and Conquer franchise.

Louis is joined by an incredible roster of industry veterans who recently joined the studio, including God of War alumni Jonathan Hawkins and Dean Rymer, and Call of Duty: Black Ops guru Tony Flame. This plethora of talent makes Deviation uniquely equipped to continue leading the ever-evolving games industry into the future, including with the continued development of our previously-announced, groundbreaking AAA original IP.

It’s unclear why Blundell left.

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