Bloodborne Remaster PC Port FromSoftware

Bloodborne Remaster Must Be Done By FromSoftware, But They’re Too Busy Says Insider

One of the most requested PS5 remasters right now is Bloodborne. Alternatively, players would love for the game to be ported to PC so a new audience can enjoy it. Unfortunately, neither a Bloodborne PC port nor remaster is going to happen anytime soon according to industry insider Jeff Grubb because FromSoftware is the only studio that could make it happen and they’re just too busy right now.

Why is FromSoftware too busy to bother with Bloodborne?


FromSoftware is the developer behind the hugely successful Elden Ring and that is taking up all of their time at the moment. While no DLC has been announced for the game despite rumors and false leaks, the team is still “building up support and updating it”. With no time for Bloodborne, players may be wondering why Sony just doesn’t hand the game over to someone else, like their PlayStation Studios PC porting specialists Nixxes Studio. Grubb told Xbox Expansion Pass this was because FromSoftware is the only studio that can work with the game’s code:

Nothing is happening with Bloodborne right now. […] While Sony could hire someone to come in and work on that, my understanding, and this could be wrong, but my understanding was FromSoftware built that game in such a way that you couldn’t just hire a team to go in there and do the work for them. You’d have to work in conjunction with FromSoftware. FromSoftware would have to be there with keys in hand to unlock the doors to the part of the code that is a little bit spaghetti and a little bit messed up so that they can guide you through it […] and FromSoftware is just too busy for that right now.

While Elden Ring continues to be the “number one priority” for FromSoftware, the general feeling is that “Bloodborne can wait” for a PC port or PS5 remaster, although this may be disappointing news to the game’s fans.

In other news, Twitch will be changing its policy on October 18 to ban streams featuring certain types of gambling. Elsewhere, NPD data shows the PS5 is the best-selling US console for August 2022.