Project U Leak

Ubisoft Project U Leak Reveals Playtester Video With Gameplay Snippets

A Project U leak revealing an Ubisoft video that playtesters received for the upcoming closed test has been making the rounds. The intro video, headlined by creative director Damien Kieken and producer Karl Luhe, shows a few snippets of gameplay of Ubisoft’s new co-operative game.

Project U is apparently not a battle royale game

The roughly two-minute video, embedded on Twitter by the leaker with gray bars over it, emphasizes that the letter ‘U’ in Project U is short for “Unite.” The same leaker on Reddit clarifies that Project U is apparently not a battle royale game as some have assumed and that Ubisoft doesn’t know if it will be free-to-play. In the video, the developers reveal that the game has been in the works for several years and that they “aim to do something a little bit different in the co-op shooter genre.” The current build represents a game that is “in early development” so Ubisoft hopes to get as much feedback as possible.

The playtest is specifically PC-only, but it’s very possible that there will be a closed test for the game on PS5 or PS4 in the future. That said, some have noted that the PC requirements for the playtest are quite high, meaning that a PS4 playtest is looking less likely.

Sources speaking with Insider Gaming say that the closed playtest will take place between October 14 and 15 with tests lasting four hours in length with sessions on both days. The official website for Project U merely describes the game as “a new concept of session-based co-op shooter, where many players unite to prevail against an overwhelming threat.” Despite Ubisoft having to deal with TheRealInsider in September, given that we already have a leak from the playtest a few days before it even starts, it won’t be a surprise if there are more leaks during or after the playtest that will host thousands of gamers.