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Following PS5 and Xbox, Nintendo Hints at Switch Price Increase

When Sony originally announced PS5 price increase, both Nintendo and Microsoft released statements saying that they had no plans to increase prices of their respective hardware during economic turmoil impacting customers. While that turmoil and inflation are nowhere close to dying down, the companies seem to have changed their stance on the matter. Following Microsoft’s U-turn and subsequent price increase in India, Nintendo has hinted that it may consider revising Switch prices.

How likely is a Nintendo Switch price change after PS5 price increase?

Japanese companies have taken a particularly huge hit when it comes to fluctuating exchange rates and inflation. Sony said as much when it increased the price of PS5 and Nintendo has said that while it’s safe at the moment, it will “continue monitoring [the economic] situation and carefully consider” increasing Switch price, as reported by Bloomberg’s Takashi Mochizuki. The company said this in response to a question specifically about the Switch.

Any news of a price increase is usually met with criticism but Nintendo’s statement has worried fans who think that considering Switch’s age, any future price increase won’t be justified. PS5 and Xbox Series X/S are current-gen consoles with plenty of life left whereas Switch is a last-gen console that’s hardly ever on sale as it is.