ps plus black friday

PS Plus Black Friday Discount Doesn’t Apply When Stepping Down From Premium to Extra

The PS Plus Black Friday 2022 discount that went live today is only available to those existing members who are either staying on the same tier (stacking) or are upgrading to a higher tier. Unfortunately, those who are already on a higher tier are unable to avail any discount if they intend to step down to a lower tier. That means PS Plus Premium users are locked out of the discount on PS Plus Extra and Essential, and PS Plus Extra users are locked out of the discount on PS Plus Essential.

PS Plus Black Friday discount limitations disappoint Premium users

PS Plus Premium users have been voicing their disappointment with the service for months now. The crux of the matter is a lack of PS1, PS2, and PSP classics promised as part of the Premium lineup. Deluxe, which is an alternative to Premium for countries where cloud streaming isn’t available, goes months without any classics since PS3 games are only available via streaming.

As confirmed by users on Reddit, cancelling your existing subscription and purchasing a new one from scratch won’t help because cancellation only turns off auto-renew while keeping your membership active. In other words, the system still recognizes your Premium membership and won’t allow you to purchase an Extra membership at a discount.