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PlayStation Store Finally Re-added a Section for Demos

A dedicated PlayStation Store demos section has finally returned! The PS Store did have a demos section in the past, but for some reason, Sony did away with it, making it difficult to find out which games you could try out for free unless developers specifically announced a demo for their game or players discovered them while browsing.

There are over 300 PlayStation Store demos

As spotted by Reddit user Adventurous_Line407, the demos section is now available on PlayStation’s web storefront, PlayStation App, and PS5 Store page. There are currently over 300 demos listed, and would you believe, there are some pretty handy filters that allows players to sort them by platform, genre, and more.

The PS Store still has a long way to go to match other online storefronts but it’s good to see minor improvements, albeit this is one that shouldn’t have been taken away to begin with. One other highly-requested feature is a section that lists expiry dates for PS Plus Extra and Premium catalogs when games are about to leave the service. Sony’s been pretty weird when it comes to the “Last Chance to Play” section, removing and re-adding it at a whim. However, lack of expiry dates have been an issue since the revamp.