The Callisto Protocol PS5 Performance

The Callisto Protocol PS5 Performance Beats PC and Xbox

In a surprising turn of events, The Callisto Protocol PS5 performance is better than both PC and Xbox. The non-PlayStation consoles suffer from a number of issues that lead to sub-optimal gameplay experiences, at least on launch day.

The Callisto Protocol PS5 vs PC vs Xbox

According to Digital Foundry’s extensive testing, which included the patches available on launch day, the PS5 version is “a simply brilliant game and a proper technical showcase.” The Xbox Series X version, on the other hand, doesn’t have ray-traced reflections (which the PS5 does) and suffers huge frame rate drops in the Quality Mode.

Those expecting PC to top the table thanks to higher-end configurations will be surprised to learn that “the stuttering problems on the day one PC experience are unbelievably bad.”

For now, it looks like PS5 is the best bet for enjoying the smoothest possible The Callisto Protocol experience.

Poor performance, especially on PC, has resulted in the game being hammered in user reviews. The low scores have even impacted the publisher’s stock price.

For those grabbing The Callisto Protocol on PS5, be sure to keep an eye out for the free update. This will add New Game Plus and a Hardcore Mode.