Stray PS Plus Extra Premium Most Popular

Stray Is PS Plus Extra/Premium’s Most Popular Game of 2022

Stray has clawed its way to being the most popular PS Plus Extra and Premium game of 2022, as revealed by the annual stats in the PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022 feature. The indie cat game by Annapurna Interactive has surprisingly beaten multiple AAA games to claim the top spot.

Top 5 PS Plus Extra/Premium most popular games in 2022

Significantly helped by the fact that it was a Day One release on PS Plus Extra/Premium, Stray stands above a very impressive field of entries for the Top 5 most popular games on the subscription service:

  1. Stray
  2. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  3. Ghost of Tsushima
  4. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  5. Red Dead Redemption II

Meanwhile, Mafia: Definitive Edition was the top classic game on PS Plus Premium in 2022, above God of War Remastered and Toy Story 2. The top monthly game on PS Plus Extra/Premium in 2022 was FIFA 22, followed by UFC 4 and Dirt 5.

The PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022 feature also revealed some impressive community stats for Stray. Collectively, we’ve made over 1 billion meows, ruined over 12 million objects, sunk over 635,000 basketballs, and travelled over 814,000 miles in buckets.

Stray also won the Best Indie Game and Best Debut Indie Game categories at The Game Awards 2022 and was nominated for Game of the Year, Best Art Direction, and Best Game Direction, so maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised by the game’s popularity.