Dead Space Remake Bug PS5

Dead Space Remake PS5 Day One Patch Brings Low Resolution Graphics Bug

A nasty graphics bug is reportedly plaguing the newly released Dead Space Remake on PS5 after the day one patch. Many players on Reddit report that the game has turned into a pixelated mess with an incredibly low resolution, no matter whether they choose Resolution Mode or Performance Mode. Hopefully, Electronic Arts and Motive Studio can investigate and solve this issue promptly.

Dead Space Remake was reportedly working fine on PS5 before patch

A screenshot of the graphical bug, with intentionally high brightness to highlight the problem, was posted on the Dead Space Reddit. It shows the environment becoming a blocky mess as well as a pop-menu that’s somewhat blurry. A handful of other players have commented in the thread, stating that they are experiencing the same bug.

According to some users who got the chance to play the game yesterday using a physical copy say the graphics were fine before the day one patch. Specifically, patch 1.000.002 seems to be the culprit here. One user theorizes that the problem stems from an error that involves VSR, or Virtual Super Resolution, that allows games to render at higher resolutions and then rescales them down to a lower native display resolution.

It’s unclear at the moment whether this bug, which only seems to impacting some PS5 players, is due to the game or perhaps specific displays or monitors. Other users have noted problems with lighting in the game as well, and another thread says that they are experiencing a black screen after accepting the terms and agreements.