Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Demo Multiplayer

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Limited-Time Demo Includes Multiplayer

A new Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty demo was revealed over the weekend, but now further details have emerged that reveal players will be able to try out the multiplayer aspects of the game. The catch is that the demo will only be available for a limited period of time before being removed from the PlayStation Store.

When will Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty demo leave the PlayStation Store?

The Wo Long: Fallen dynasty demo will be available for just over a month, leaving PS5 and PS4 on March 26, 2023. The demo will be released on February 24 and save data can be transferred to the main game when it is released. KOEI Tecmo is calling this demo the final demo, meaning there won’t be another one after the game is released on March 3.

Two chapters will be included in the demo: Chapter 1: Village of Calamity and Chapter 2: Two Chivalrous Heroes. Both are meant to give players an idea of the game’s combat while taking on demons, monsters, and enemy soldiers in the Three Kingdoms. The Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty demo features online multiplayer, meaning players will be able to play through the chapters with a friend. Neither of these chapters was included in the first demo, although players will still get the same Crouching Dragon Helmet in-game item reward for completing it.