The Last of Us Left Behind

The Last of Us HBO ‘Left Behind’ Episode Review-Bombed With 1-Star Reviews

HBO’s The Last of Us has just reached the episode adapting the ‘Left Behind’ DLC, and while many fans are absolutely loving it, some are seemingly review-bombing the show on IMDb.

The Last of Us HBO is being review-bombed again

In a move that’ll surprise nobody given the content of the episode, The Last of Us ‘Left Behind’ is being review-bombed by trolls. This follows a similar pattern to the third episode of the series, ‘Long, Long Time.’

Both of these episodes have prominent queer representation. ‘Long, Long Time’ shows the story of Bill and Frank, and ‘Left Behind’ shows the blooming romance between Riley and Ellie. ‘Left Behind’ and ‘Long, Long Time’ are both the lowest-rated episodes of the series so far, with a 7.7 and an 8.0 respectively.

Although those are still decent ratings for the episodes, there is a hugely disproportionate number of 1-star reviews compared to previous installments. For instance, ‘Left Behind’ has nearly 3,000 1-star user reviews compared with the previous episode’s 500, while ‘Long, Long Time’ had a huge 52,000 1-star reviews.

Storm Reid, the actress who played Riley in ‘Left Behind’, spoke in a Variety interview about the homophobic backlash to the show, saying: “There are so many other things to worry about in the world. I think being concerned about who people love is just absurd to me. I just don’t — I will never understand it.”

In other The Last of Us news, a developer has spoke about making The Last of Us multiplayer, and sales of the game have skyrocketed since the HBO series started.