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GTA 6 Might Star Rapper 50 Cent, Tease Suggests

It looks like the latest GTA 6 leak (if you can call it that) has come from 50 Cent. Last night, the rapper posted a Vice City image on his Instagram profile out of the blue, with a peculiar caption.

Why fans think 50 Cent’s post is a GTA 6 leak

50 Cent’s Instagram post, which is still up at the time of this writing, can be viewed below:


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For those who aren’t familiar with 50 Cent’s work, Power is a show that he produced and starred in. Reddit users have pointed out that GreenLightGang, Branson, and Le Chemin du Roi are brands 50 Cent is associated with.

The GTA 6 connection here is Vice City, which the upcoming game is reportedly set in.

Some fans have theorized that 50 Cent will have a Vice City show of sorts. Others have said that he may be teasing upcoming GTA Online content like Dr. Dre did at one point.

Nevertheless, fans are of the view that it’s unlikely that 50 Cent is breaking any non-disclosure agreements here. If true, either Rockstar Games is gearing up to announce something or fans hoping for a GTA 6 reveal soon are up for yet another disappointment.