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Suicide Squad Core Game Won’t Change Despite Backlash and Delay – Report

A bit of bad news for those critical of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League‘s recent showcase: Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier claims that Suicide Squad’s core game isn’t going to change despite backlash.

Suicide Squad looks like live service hell of a game

After a hiatus, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice league made an appearance at February 2023’s PlayStation State of Play, and fans unanimously considered it the worst part of the showcase. From its gameplay to its mechanics to its live service elements – every aspect came under fire.

Shortly afterwards, Schreier revealed that Suicide Squad has been delayed and subsequent rumors suggested that it could possibly be pushed into 2024. However, Rocksteady and WB Games have yet to make it official.

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In a follow-up tweet yesterday, Schreier reported that even Rocksteady’s own staff members have no idea what Suicide Squad’s new release date will be, though they’ve been told that the game’s still coming later this year.

That said, Schreier says the only thing “certain” about Suicide Squad at the moment is that the core game won’t change. So all those speculations about Rocksteady and WB delaying the game to make changes following backlash were just that… speculations.

So why the delay, then? It’s likely for the usual polishing and bug fixing during the final stretch of development.