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Looks Like The Witcher Multiplayer Game Won’t Release Anytime Soon

CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher Project Sirius, rumored to be a multiplayer game, seems to have been rebooted. The game is (or was) in development at The Molasses Flood, a U.S. based studio which CD Projekt RED acquired in 2021.

Fans hoping for The Witcher multiplayer release date news set for disappointment

CD Projekt RED announced on Monday that it has to make allowance for an “impairment” for “expenses incurred in the scope of development work related to Project Sirius.”

The studio added that this decision was taken after evaluating the scope and “commercial potential of the original concept” and ongoing work on a “new framework” for Project Sirius.

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In other words, the game appears to have been rebooted and is back on the drawing board.

It’s unclear if Project Sirius is still in development at The Molasses Flood or if CD Projekt RED has taken charge.

Earlier this year, CD Projekt RED published job advertisements for The Molasses Flood, looking specifically for a multiplayer designer with a passion for The Witcher universe. Though the studio has yet to officially detail Project Sirius, it sounds an awful lot like a multiplayer game, or at least a game with multiplayer elements.

Whatever the case, a release date for The Witcher Project Sirius seems to be a ways away.