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This PS5 WD_Black External Hard Drive Is 30% Off

One of the bigger issues with a PS5 is the fact that the storage of one gets extremely full, extremely quickly. Luckily, there are huge savings on 5TB, 4TB, and 2TB WD_Black PS5 external hard drives that can help you with storage.

The WD_Black external hard drives come with a three-year limited warranty, and a SuperSpeed interface of up to 5Gbps, meaning that games will move back and forth at the speed of light itself — well, not quite, but certainly close enough.

Get this PS5 external hard drive for as little as $79.99

You can get a 2TB WD_Black, which is a full 30% discount that’ll allow you to store a lot of games on one easy-to-use and portable hard drive.

You can buy the SSD below:

The WD_Black P10 game drive works specifically well with next-generation titles, and can write at speeds up to 140MB/S. What this basically boils down to is the ability to have your games downloading directly to your hard drive at a speed that won’t have you yawning, and in a package that’s easily portable and useable at other people’s houses.

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