ps5 dualsense controller charging station

Get This PS5 Controller Charging Dock For Nearly 50% Off

Look, the PS5 controller doesn’t exactly have an amazing battery life. Thanks to the utterly incredible level of technological advances that are present with the haptics inside the DualSense, you have to charge your controller up a fair bit, but what if that was easier? Why not pick up a PS5 Controller Charging Dock at a premium discount, and play on forever?

Buy the PS5 controller charging station

You can buy the charging dock here:

The PS5 Controller charging dock will allow you to charge up to two different controllers at once and will take up to two hours to fully charge a drained DualSense controller to the maximum possible battery life. It’s also incredibly easy to use since all you need to do is place two controllers onto your charger dock, listen for the click, and then you’ll be good to go.

If you keep switching your controllers in and out of charge, you’ll never have to stop playing your favorite PS5 games, and can just switch it out for another controllerIn other deal news, why not take a look at this new SSD sale? Or a TV with exclusive PS5 features?