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Readers’ Opinion: What Was the Best Gaming April Fool’s Day Joke?

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April Fool’s Day is upon us, which means that every piece of news we read is going to raise suspicion. We’ve already seen Sonic the Hedgehog being murdered, and that somehow wasn’t even a prank, so who knows what’s in store for us today?

There have been many, many April Fool’s Day pranks pulled in the gaming world over the years, but we want to know your favorite. Let us know in the comments and we’ll feature our favorite replies in the next Readers’ Opinion.

Our opinion

Keeping it strictly Sony, the ‘PlayStation Flow’ was worryingly realistic.

This video — which had ‘Aprils Fools Video’ in its name, somewhat spoiling the prank right out of the gate — was posted to the official PlayStation YouTube account seven years ago, and saw the company outlining a fake new product that tracked users’ swimming data and replicated it in-game.

The ‘PlayStation Flow’ is particularly interesting because we’re not far off that right now. While translating swimming data to games such as The Last of Us would be useless, smartwatches keep track of all of our exercise data, while virtual reality is more commonplace than ever. So, Sony kinda predicted the future here.

Your opinion

In the last Readers’ Opinion, we asked if you would buy an upgraded PS5 Pro.

Most of you confirmed that you would, though many also said they would wait it out.

YES! That’s the only reason I haven’t bought a PS5 yet. I’m waiting for the PS5 Pro.

– code7bfc

I simply do not believe a PS5 Pro is happening, and definitely not by next year’s end.

How many PS5 game are there so far? Three? Four? How many are slated to release before 2024? Maybe another two or three?

And so many people are just now being able to even find one, if they can afford it.

It was bad enough to have to release a console during the pandemic with all the restrictions and shortages, releasing another so soon after you sorted that out is actually pretty insulting.

And what would it even do? Don’t think it’ll do 4K/60 because it probably won’t and would be “up to developers” anyway.

– yowzagabowza

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