Corsair Hard Drive

This Corsair PS5 SSD Is Now Only $55

Super Speedy Drives are a necessity for quality gaming, and sadly a lot of the current-generation consoles simply don’t have the drive space that you need to fully take advantage of all the new games. Amazon currently has a pretty great deal available for a Corsair PS5 SSD that’s available for only $55, but is it worth your time?

Get yourself a new Corsair SSD for 50% off

You can buy the Corsair PS5 SSD here.

The Extreme Gen4 Storage that comes with the Corsair MP600 Pro LPX 500GB offers up to 7,100MB/sec read speed and a 6,800MB/sec write speed, making this a frankly incredibly fast SSD and an addition to your PS5 that you can’t turn down.

The Corsair MP600 also exceeds the recommendations that Sony gave for the PS5 M.2 performance, meaning that you’ll be able to load all of your games at exactly the speeds that they were meant to be loaded. You needn’t worry about potential overheating too, since the SSD has a pre-installed low-profile aluminum heat spreader that reduces any potential throttling and disperses heat.

To go along with your SSD, you can get yourself a new Soundbar, or why not get a new TV?