Persona 3 remake gameplay has allegedly leaked

Persona 3 Remake Gameplay Footage Allegedly Leaked

A brief gameplay clip purportedly from Persona 3 Remake leaked online earlier today, but no one has been able to confirm its authenticity thus far. However, that didn’t stop the five-second clip from going viral.

Fans split over Persona 3 Remake gameplay “leak”

We won’t share the footage here because we have no plans to upset Sega and Atlus, but our readers can check it out on Twitter. Apparently, the clip came from an internal meeting Sega held in Japan back in 2021.

Although brief, the clip looks too high quality to be faked by a fan, but we’ve seen some pretty crazy things on the internet. While some fans are convinced that it’s real, others have learned to keep their expectations in check and are awaiting an official announcement.

The Persona 3 Remake gameplay clip is still up at the time of this writing, but if you see it removed via a copyright strike by the time you click the Twitter link above, then that’s our first clue that it might be real.

In case anyone misses it, the clip shows Yukari summoning her persona, then shooting some deadly arrows.

We’ll update our readers when we have more information about this leak.