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Readers’ Opinion: What Upcoming PS5 Game Are You Most Excited to Play?

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This month has a bunch of highly anticipated PS5 games releasing, including Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Dead Island 2, and Minecraft Legends. But what upcoming game in the PlayStation library are you most excited about? Let us know and, as always, we’ll feature our favorite reply in the next Readers’ Opinion.

Our opinion

2023 isn’t exactly a stacked year for the PS5, and it’s a little concerning that we’re in this stage of its life cycle and yet the proper blockbuster hits are spread as thin as they are. In terms of upcoming games with a confirmed release date, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a clear highlight for the year, while Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the main highlight looming in the distance.

Personally, though, I’m most interested in Everywhere, the incredibly strange-sounding “multi-world” game that has such lofty ambitions it’s difficult to not be drawn in by it. Developer Build a Rocket Boy is trying to build a platform more than it is a video game, and it suitably contains a bit of everything, from a sprawling social hub to tools on which to release fully-fledged, triple-A games. It’s either going to be a massive hit or a brutal failure, and it’s that risk which makes it so interesting.

You said…

In the last Readers’ Opinion, we asked if you would buy the long-rumored PS5 Pro, if it was to become a reality.

Your replies were mixed, with many saying that its price would be a sticking point, as would the features it offered.

“I just bought a PS5 a few weeks ago so the answer would be no to a PS5 Pro if it was released in 2024/2025,” ArturoOlivoJr replied. “I never upgraded to a Pro system before and can’t image a Pro costing $550 even $600.”

Others, meanwhile, questioned the existence of the console altogether:

“I simply do not believe a PS5 Pro is happening, and definitely not by next year’s end.

How many PS5 game are there so far? Three? Four? How many are slated to release before 2024? Maybe another two or three?

And so many people are just now being able to even find one, if they can afford it.

It was bad enough to have to release a console during the pandemic with all the restrictions and shortages, releasing another so soon after you sorted that out is actually pretty insulting.

And what would it even do? Don’t think it’ll do 4K/60 because it probably won’t and would be “up to developers” anyway.”

— yowzagabowza