PlayStation Showcase May 2023

PlayStation Showcase Could Arrive in May Before Summer Game Fest – Report

The much-anticipated PlayStation Showcase could be happening in May 2023, according to insider Jeff Grubb. In a recent podcast, he can “probably safely say” that the showcase will appear in May, though saying “before Summer Game Fest” is what he’ll continue to predict as that is the safest option. At the latest, Grubb expects the presentation to be in early June.

PlayStation Showcase air date predictions

Grubb’s May prediction on a GiantBomb podcast falls in line with his prior statement in February that the PlayStation Showcase would be before E3 2023. Now that E3 has been canceled, it’s only fair that the Summer Game Fest take its place (in more ways than one).

Since PlayStation State of Play events typically fall on a Thursday, May 25 would seem the most logical choice for when the PlayStation Showcase will air. The Summer Game Fest will begin on June 8, so the May date would provide some breathing room for the showcase, hopefully without it being bombarded by other developer livestreams that are likely planned around the same two weeks or so.

While the latest State of Play focusing on Final Fantasy 16 was a success, the one in February with Suicide Squad was a disappointment for most fans. So whether the next State of Play is in May or early June, let’s just hope that Sony takes as much time as it needs with it.