Blizzard accused of partaking in a fake Diablo 4 Q&A

Recent Diablo 4 Q&A Held by Blizzard Was Apparently Fake

Blizzard Entertainment appears to have taken part in a fake Diablo 4 dev Q&A session with the community. The session was hosted by GamesRadar’s Future Games Show, for which the outlet invited fans to send in their questions about the upcoming title. Unfortunately, it seems that not enough people responded to the call, so someone decided to create fake fan accounts to ask a series of strangely worded questions.

Host of Diablo 4 Q&A addresses allegations of creating fake fan accounts

As spotted by Twitter user Philtacular (via TheGamer), the oddly worded questions were posed by accounts that either didn’t exist, were dormant, or were freshly created. Philtacular’s thread makes for a hilarious read.

Although Blizzard is being accused of creating the fake accounts, it looks like the show’s host may have been more of a culprit here. As pointed out by fellow journalist Jason Schreier, Future Games Show put out a call for community questions but it appears that no one responded. The outlet understandably didn’t want to cancel the Q&A, so they decided to roll with it.

This morning, Future Games Show put out a statement on Twitter explaining their side:

However, this doesn’t explain the fake accounts.

Diablo 4 will release on June 5, with early access kicking off on June 1.