Apex Legends Season 18 Trailer Teases Changes to Revenant

Apex Legends Season 18 Trailer Teases Changes to Revenant

The latest Apex Legends Season 18 trailer is here, and with it comes some confirmation that Revenant is going to be getting some changes in the new update.

What do we know about Apex Legends Season 18?

The newest Apex Legends Season 18 trailer, titled “Kill Code: Part 2,” doesn’t feature any new gameplay, but is instead a big cinematic that continues the overarching story of the game’s narrative. In it, Revenant begins experience various glitches while trying to use his abilities, something that has also been happening in the game as an Easter egg to fans.

The short continues by revealing that Loba stole an eye of Revenant’s spare bodies in Kill Code: Part 1, with Revenant soon beginning to see out of that eye as he’s taken down in battle. The short ends with Revenant attacking Crypto as he’s investigating decrypt data. However, when the perspective shifts to Crypto’s view at the end of the video, Revenant looks completely different and also has a new voice.

You can check out the new Apex Legends Season 18 trailer below:

A rework of Revenant has been something that’s rumored to be underway for many months now. However, this is the first definitive confirmation that the character will be getting a makeover. Along with the new look, Respawn has confirmed on the Apex Legends website that a new version of the character, called “Revenant Reborn,” will give him “a killer new look and deadly new abilities.”

This version of the character will be unlockable via quests throughout Season 18.

Along with the changes to Revenant, the latest trailer also gave Apex Legends Season 18 its name, Resurrection, a name that heavily references the change to Revenant. Season 18 of Apex Legends is set to include new stages, a new ranked season, tweaks, and more when it launches later this month.