Hogwarts Legacy Director's Cut

Rocksteady Working on Hogwarts Legacy Director’s Cut After Suicide Squad Flop – Report

A new report claims that Rocksteady Studios has been working on Hogwarts Legacy Director’s Cut since Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League flopped. While it’s in between projects, the developer is reportedly looking to pitch a single-player game to “return to its roots.”

Hogwarts Legacy Director’s Cut has yet to be announced

The aforementioned report comes from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, so rest assured, it’s authentic. The veteran journalist spoke to dozens of people, who revealed that Suicide Squad was doomed from the start, thanks in no small part to “constantly shifting vision” and “a culture of rigid perfectionism.” It also doesn’t help that live service isn’t Rocksteady’s forte.

The biggest revelation in the report is Hogwarts Legacy Director’s Cut, which WB Games has yet to announce. According to Bloomberg, despite the $200 million loss on Suicide Squad, Rocksteady is safe from job cuts because WB Games is currently understaffed. The studio is reportedly “helping” on the Director’s Cut.

The report further claims that Rocksteady’s leaders are putting together a pitch for a single-player game, but there’s no information on what they have in mind. The studio, which was behind the Batman: Arkham series, hasn’t released anything commercially successful since 2015’s Arkham Knight.