Valorant coming to the PS5

Valorant PS5 Version Held Back Because of Xbox Limitations

Valorant PS5 version won’t come with a popular feature because implementing it would put Xbox players at a disadvantage, according to Riot Games. The feature in question is gyro aim, which is supported by games like Call of Duty and Fortnite. However, Valorant’s lead developer Coleman Palm has confirmed that the popular multiplayer shooter won’t come with gyro support on consoles.

Adding gyro to Valorant would mean ‘heavily favoring’ PS5 over Xbox, says dev

During an exchange over on X, a fan pointed out that gyro aiming is as close as controllers can get to mouse-like input, and shouldn’t be overlooked. In response, Palm said that Xbox controllers don’t natively support gyro, so making it the standard way to play on consoles would give PS5 players an unfair advantage.

As expected, fans weren’t too happy with Palm’s response and pointed out that other cross-platform multiplayer games support gyro aiming, and quizzed why PS5 players have to be locked out of something because of lack of support on Xbox. Palm said that Riot isn’t “opposed to supporting it outright,” but wants to focus on standard controls to start with.

Unfortunately, Palm’s responses to fans seem very non-committal, so we wouldn’t hold our breath for gyro aim in Valorant.