Sea of Thieves PS5

Microsoft’s Sea of Thieves Still Dominating PS5 Charts

Microsoft’s multiplatform experiment seems to be bearing fruit as Sea of Thieves continues to dominate PS5 downloads. The game made a rare (no pun intended) appearance in Circana’s U.S. sales report — where Xbox games are typically nowhere to be found — thanks to its PS5 release. Now, Sony has revealed that Sea of Thieves was the most downloaded game on the PS Store in both Europe and North America during the month of May 2024.

Sea of Thieves sits atop PS5 download charts as Helldivers 2 slips

After dominating charts for several months, multiplayer game Helldivers 2 has finally started to make its way down the rankings. In the U.S., Helldivers 2 took the fourth spot and in Europe, it grabbed fifth position.

The rest of the games in the top ten are all your typical appearances, like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto V. Stellar Blade managed to stay in the top ten in both regions, settling for no. 8 in North America and no. 10 in Europe.

Microsoft’s leadership will certainly be pleased with Sea of Thieves’ performance on the PS5. The company has repeatedly said that its first four games on PlayStation will determine its future approach, and more PlayStation releases are pretty much certain at this point.