Alone in the Dark 2024 reboot

Alone in the Dark 2024 Dev Pieces Interactive Shut Down Following Flop

Pieces Interactive, the developer behind Alone in the Dark 2024 reboot, has been shut down by parent company Embracer Group. The studio had been in operation for 17 years, and was acquired by Embracer Group — where it most recently worked under its THQ Nordic umbrella — in 2017.

Alone in the Dark 2024 reboot failed to meet sales expectations

Over its nearly two decades of operations, Pieces Interactive worked on a variety of console, PC, and mobile games. Its notable works include Magicka 2, and more recently, the reboot of Alone in the Dark. Unfortunately, the latter failed to meet sales expectations.

Despite having a star-studded cast and lots of promise, Alone in the Dark left much to be desired and launched with an abundance of technical issues and bugs. Pieces Interactive was actively patching the game, but it was too little too late for the developer.

The announcement of Pieces Interactive’s closure came from the studio’s own website, where it published an obituary of sorts. “Thanks for playing with us,” the page reads.

Pieces Interactive also worked as a support studio for numerous developers including Paradox Interactive, Koei Tecmo, Arrowhead Game Studios, Koch Media, and RaceRoom Entertainment.

Our thoughts go out to all those affected.