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PS5 and PS4 Getting Free Multiplayer Access This Weekend

Sony has revealed a PlayStation free online multiplayer weekend for June 22 and 23 that will not require a PS Plus membership.

Free Online Multiplayer Weekend details

Titles such as Helldivers II, NBA 2K24, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will be playable online without a PS Plus subscription. This is good news for anyone who has let their PS Plus subscription lapse and wants to play an online session on any game that requires it.

The timing is interesting. Elden Ring’s critically acclaimed DLC Shadow of the Erdtree is released on Friday, and with 25 million copies sold, it’s fair to say it could be a popular gaming choice for many this weekend.

And, of course, if renewing that spark of multiplayer joy convinces you to renew your PS Plus subscription, it’s not a bad month to do so, as the fantastic Streets of Rage 4 is among the monthly titles on the Essential plan.

On the Premium tier, more PSP and PS2 Classics have joined the fray, including Daxter, Ghosthunter, and Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy. There are also PSVR 2 titles for the first time, including the incredibly chill Kayak VR: Mirage.